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Friday, December 6, 2013


I recently saw a picture of an aging David Lee Roth having his smoke lit by an all most senior guitar wizard that goes by the name Eddie Van Halen. Above the photo it had Eddie's supposed comment... "I sensed a different guy than the guy I used to work with. Not necessarily humbled, but just normal. We apologized to each other about the childish mudslinging over the years, and we just sat around and bullsh!tted. Nothing to do with music - just life, telling jokes, having fun."

Behind the scenes these 2 are just a couple of humans trying to get by like the rest of us. Then on the other other side of the curtain is the part we all see... the Concerts! the Music!

Remember years ago reading snippets about how the guys in Van Halen are having differences bla bla bla.. its not that we don't care about the humans and their behind the scenes soap opera, but for us as fans its all about the music. It is all about gathering for the live shows, the crowds, the enormous unity thing. People coming together from all walks of life to share their love of something that they all have in common.

...then we hear the band broke up and we are disappointed because the music is gone, not because the soap bubble finally burst. ...and now to see this comment by Eddie? if its true and he did say it... well now its not about the music it is about the humans. Much Respect to both of them. Long Live The Atomic Punk!

Dave Stuart
474theMiX Rock Radio

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