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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Going The Distance

I was recently talking to Isaac Rodriguez (474theMiX Radio photographer) about a band he recently shot on the 28th of January 2017 - Blood Sweat and Tears. We are both big fans of BST, Isaac had mentioned that they had a new lead singer. That got me thinking.... it must be tough for an established band when they are forced to swap out the lead singer for what ever reason. Some times it works for the fans but some times it doesn't.

If the Rolling Stones ever had to replace Mick Jagger? I dont know how that would go over with their fan base. Another example is The Pretenders, 2 original members James Honeyman-Scott (lead guitar, backing vocals, keyboards), Pete Farndon (bass guitar, backing vocals) of The Pretenders overdosed in the early 80's leaving Rockin' guitarist/vocalist Chrissie Hynde and drummer Martin Chambers as the two remaining original members. The lead vocals/lead guitar of Hynde and Chambers' trademark drumming style was able to keep the boat afloat all these years with interchangeable bass and rhythm players.

Of course there are many examples of bands who have successfully replaced their lead singer and went on to enjoy success, bands such as Van Halen, ACDC, Genesis. Black Sabbath and Deep Purple just to name a few. Not to trivialize the importance of a banging bass player and rhythm guitarist in the band but if the Pretenders would have lost their "front wo-man"'s guitar styling and unique vocals back in 1981, Im not sure that they would still be Rockin' today with a new lead vocalist 35+ years later here in 2017.


Dave Stuart
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