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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

474theMiX is committed to ending the stigma and creating awareness about the effects of mental illness on an individual and their families/friends.  Within the past year we have teamed up with the You Rock Foundation which are a group of rock stars teaming up to share and fight mental illness through music and various events throughout the world.  Here are 3 stigmas or places that have stigmas around mental illness and why we need to end it.

1. In Medical Institutions

I have had heard stories of many people going to the hospital and nurses rolling they’re eyes saying things like, “Why don’t they realize that it’s all in their head?” or “This is the third time they’ve been in this week yet there is nothing medically wrong with them!”  As someone living with mental illness I know that these statements or not true.  Anxiety and depression can take over your whole lively hood and the effects such as not being able to breath or move can be more intense or paralyzing than someone not living with it knows.

2. It’s All In Their Head or It Doesn’t Make Sense So There Must Be A Way To Fix It… Right?

This is one that ticks me off beyond belief because if somebody tells me that it’s all in my head and it doesn’t make sense one more time I’m going to be set off.  My thought process realizes that having anxiety with depression at the same time doesn’t make sense and that it’s not rational.  I go constantly from worrying about what needs to be done and the people that are loved in my life to a feeling of hopelessness that seems to trap me in a state where it doesn’t physically feel that there’s a way out.  We don’t need a lecture during these times but rather someone who will listen to what we are going through so that it can be out in the open.

3.  You Can Physically See Signs Of Mental Illness

This is true in some cases but with most people they seem perfectly fine with no physical tells whatsoever.  Why is this important?  Throughout time many organizations in the entertainment industry have portrayed people struggling with mental illness as insane or criminal when in reality they are everyday people doing everyday things out in the everyday real world.  Over the course of your lifetime you will encounter people with mental illness almost every day and not even realize it so while people may appear to be “fine” it is important to note that they may be struggling with something much deeper.

Every day we come across with someone dealing with mental illness.  The hard fact of life is that this is going to be the case for a long time but the important thing is that we can’t stop fighting.  Now, more than ever we must stand up and rise above adversity so that we may get our brothers and sisters to do the same.  Let’s end the stigma!!!

Christopher Huss
474theMiX Rock Radio
Station Promoter/Blogger

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