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Monday, May 8, 2017

Why Be Political In Your Music?

Why Be Political In Your Music?

Ok, lets talk about something extremely controversial to many of you here reading this.  If you don’t want any political talk today I have go to say that I’m not sorry disappointing those who want politics pushed aside.  If you choose to keep reading, however, my perspective on why we should get political in our music is based off many people saying that they just want to enjoy the music.  Let us dive into this deeper shall we?

One important reason why we need to get political is because people can relate to a struggle and rally around a common cause.  If you look at “Tiny Hands” by Fiona Apple becoming an anthem for The Women’s March on the Capitol becoming a rallying cry over the misogynistic rhetoric that shadowed the last US Presidential Election and still shadows President Trump today.  Another example was Lenny Kravitz’s  “Back In Vietnam” protesting the Iraq war stating that it makes no sense for us to be over there anyway.

Another important reason for us to be political in our music stems from a historical event that had occurred long before I was born (Sorry Dave).  This even was called “Woodstock.”  During this event hundreds of thousands gathered protesting violence while promoting peace, love and happiness.  There are many more festivals popping up around the nation stating similar causes that need to be addressed in this modern day and age.

The final reason that music should be political is that it creates a deep understanding among people.  Whether it is issues surrounding mental illness or social justice, you have a voice and to use it is a powerful.  We would love to hear what causes you are fighting for and advocate for in your music send us a message on our Facebook page or post it on twitter at 474TheMiX!

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