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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Chris Cornell You Will Be Missed

I have been a huge fan of Audioslave ever since I can remember listening to great music!  On May 18, 2017 we lost a great performer and personal inspiration to many of the 474TheMiX family.  His name is Chris Cornell who joins recently deceased legends Prince and David Bowe to collaborate for one heck of a show in the afterlife. For many of us Cornell provided an outlet and a friend we never knew

It has been apparent that, through much of his life, Cornell struggled through drug addiction and mental illness.  Many sources site Cornell using drugs at the age of 13 and continuing to do so throughout his lifetime.  Mental illness has been a struggle throughout his lifetime until he recently took his life by hanging himself although many sources close to Cornell said that he would never intentionally take his life.  His death is currently under investigation.

For many of us Chris Cornell was a friend who went through a number of struggles with us.  Although he may have not been physically there, his music was something that we could relate to.  His most powerful song with Soundgarden being Black Hole Sun calling for the pain to be washed away but it’s upbeat melody was taken by many to mean something positive.  I relate this song to being sad, it describes many dark pictures of my past when my hope was low and hearing this song brought peace as it was relatable to my pain.

Chris Cornell was a musical influence in the grunge community that many will remember as the years go by.  His name will forever be remembered for his fight against mental illness and substance abuse while producing great music around those concepts.  474 The MiX would like to remind anyone struggling with mental illness that you are loved, you are appreciated and you are not alone.

To Chris Cornell we raise our glasses and simply say, “Thank you.”

Christopher Huss
474theMiX Rock Radio
Station Promoter/Blogger

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