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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Max DuBose: Inspiration

Hi Thank you for contacting me regarding your blog post and news from my band for your followers. I am an old school singer/songwriter and from Louisiana who started out in the shadow of some true music legends. The experience has inspired me as I realize the possibilities if one only dreams big enough.

Music has been my savior and friend through many hard times and although I have sometimes tried to walk away music has always been there for me. In the last 8-10 years I have been able to record six albums and am currently on my seventh. I find myself surrounded once again with inspiring artists and musicians. I enjoy reading the posts on your facebook page and Dave Stuart (among many) has been awesome.

My band Max DuBose and The Scandalous Rogues is getting back into full swing soon as the Summer winds down and the damage from hurricane Irma is overcome here in south Florida. I look forward to hearing from you again and will always remember being Artist of the Month in July 2014.

Best always..
Max DuBose

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