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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Zoë Kissel, Sidewatcher

For me, music is euphoria.

The rush of performing is completely consuming. It starts at my fingertips, with the concrete physicality of wood and metal. The rules of time are nulled as the excitement radiates through my body, leaving my being floating in a sweaty, ethereal space. Forty-five minutes turn into a swaying pattern of blurred faces and frozen frames. It’s like you have pressed pause on reality; for a moment your mind is able to grasp something tangible. Then, like a switch, the welcomed release returns.
Music takes me by the hand and introduces emotions within myself that I did not know existed. I am so much of myself on stage that I become more than myself.
And, I love it.

Music gives us the power to share such fulfilling worlds with the desiring ears and eyes that surround us. Do not just talk about playing music, actually pick up an instrument and create.

- Zoë Kissel, Sidewatcher

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